March Break with Lynyrd and Alex

One of the big benefits to having Lynyrd with us is that it's allowed us to travel more easily with Alex.  Before we had a service dog, we took a trip to Calgary for a family reunion.  Despite having lots of extended family around, we needed to bring one of our aides with us.  As you can imagine, paying for her trip, hotel, food, plus her time added a considerable price tag to our trip.

Alex loves to travel, especially on trains.  When we needed a big reward, we used day trips to Montreal on VIA. 

This March Break, Alex and his grandparents went to visit his aunts in Toronto.  He got to ride the train both ways and Lynyrd stayed with him the whole time.  When Alex was feeling bored or anxious, he would pet or hug Lynyrd.

I've found that having Lynyrd with us has made being out in public much easier.  People are more inclined to smile, and less likely to be angry if Alex isn't behaving the way they expect.  It's a big part of what makes Lynyrd an invaluable part of our family.  He makes Alex safer, not just by preventing him from bolting, but by making it less likely that someone will physically attack Alex.  (This had happened several times prior to us receiving a service dog.)

When Alex got back home, he was able to visit his favourite place: our local sports arena, and enjoy another of his favourite activities, watching the Zamboni.