Update on Lynyrd and OCDSB

Last night I spoke with SEAC (Special Education Advisory Council) and let them know about the issues regarding our application to have Lynyrd join Alex at school as well as the problems with the OCDSB's policy on service dogs in general.

For the most part, my speech was very well received.  I saw a lot of nods and expressions of sympathy and the head of SEAC has promised to investigate more.

However, there was a rather disappointing response from one member, who made some vague comments about concerns about the policy being too broadly applied as OCDSB didn't want Emotional Support Ferrets in classrooms and saying they had to take into account fears and allergies.  He also made a comment about there not being any clear standards for service animals, ignoring the fact that their own policy lists several.

As OCDSB has rejected an application with a clear physical safety issue with an ADI-certified service dog, I do not think there is any risk that the policy for service animals is being too broadly applied.  And while I am sympathetic to those with fears or allergies, that is something the school can manage and other people's discomfort does not trump my son's physical safety as the primary priority.

I have been promised that OCDSB is reviewing their service dog policy and that I will be given the opportunity to speak with the review committee.

I'm not going to let this drop and be forgotten.